Tip: Do the Jettison Technique Barbell Curl

All you need is a bar, a band, and the ability withstand pain. Here's how to do it.

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How to do the Jettison Curl

  1. Grab a resistance band for this punishing drop set. Place your feet inside the band and hold the top end of the band along with the barbell.
  2. Do 10-12 reps curling the bar and the band at the same time.
  3. Without resting, ditch the band and perform 8-10 barbell curls.
  4. Again without rest, drop the barbell and with your feet anchored on the bottom half of the band to create resistance, grab the top end of the band and perform as many band curls as possible.

Bands for Biceps?

Do bands really have a place in arm training? Yes. Moving weight without bands doesn't change the tension or load during the movement, so you lose maximal stimulation at different points of the lift due to leverage. Adding bands will tax the biceps at every point in the rep.

Also, the eccentric or lowering phase of the lift is enhanced since the added tension from the bands is trying to staple you into the floor. This places enormous growth stimulus on the biceps.