Tip: Do the Javelin Press for Shoulders

Start your next delt workout with this unique exercise to activate the nervous system. Check out the benefits here.

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The exercise is simple but challenging. Just perform a one-handed overhead press using a barbell, not a dumbbell. The grip position will be similar to that of a javelin thrower.

Javelin Press

The javelin press has several advantages that make it a great pressing movement:

  1. The neutral grip reduces the amount of strain on the shoulder joint.
  2. The use of a long bar increases the need to stabilize the load, leading to nervous system activation. So although the javelin press isn't the best raw strength builder, when used early in the workout it can enhance the productivity of the subsequent exercises.
  3. The triple balance action (hips, trunk, and shoulder joint) make it an effective exercise to build the body's capacity to adjust to external forces de-balancing the body. As such, the javelin press is a highly effective tool for sports injury prevention.