Tip: Do the Cobra Pulldown for Lats

Can't feel your lats working? Can't get them to grow? This exercise will fix both of those problems, fast! Check it out.

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The cobra pulldown is a great way to get the lats through a greater range of motion than a regular pulldown. Because of where the hand rests in the start position (almost directly above the head), the lats have to contract from a much more lengthened position. The cable and single handle also allow for more integrity of movement at the elbow, which can be a vital adjustment.

Cobra Pulldown
  1. Make sure you're slightly in front of the cable pulley and "unlock" your shoulder blade while stretching your arm.
  2. Set your shoulder down and pull through the lat, remembering to keep your elbow in line with your wrist and not behind it.
  3. At the finish position, squeeze the crap out of your lats.