Tip: Do the Blitzkrieg Triple Press

Blast your chest with this unique dumbbell bench press variation. Here's how to do it.

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Here's a "fun" way to perform the dumbbell bench press. This drill is really a combination of three exercises: the high incline, low incline, and flat bench press. All three are performed as one set, using the same weight.

  1. First perform high incline dumbbell presses until you reach muscle failure.
  2. Then rapidly adjust the bench to a low incline and continue to perform reps until failure. (Having a lifting partner will speed up the transition.)
  3. Finally, drop the bench to a flat position and knock out a few more reps.
Triple Press

How does this work? Most people are stronger in the flat bench press than they are the incline bench press. In the triple press, you start in the weakest position (high incline) and train to failure. But each time you drop the bench (to low incline and then to flat) you're put in a stronger position, allowing you to crank out more reps with the same weight.

You can use this technique with a variety of loads and rep ranges. Give it a shot.