Tip: Do the Animal Crawl Workout

Beast mode? We'll show you beast mode! See if you can survive this 15-minute metcon challenge.

Looking to test your core strength while bringing out your "inner animal?" Try this.

The Animal Crawl Challenge

  1. Set 15 minutes on the clock and pick 5 different animal crawl movements. (See video.)
  2. Do 10 push-ups, 10 yards of crawls, 10 stir-the-pot revolutions, and return with 10 more yards of the same crawl.
  3. Repeat the pattern using different crawls for 15 straight minutes and see how many reps and total distance you complete. Crawls will include: bear, spider, gorilla, chimp, and tiger.

Note: This is a test of your core and shoulder stability. Use smooth and controlled movements. If you haven't been crawling, practice before taking the challenge.