Tip: Do Some Wogging and Wunning

Get ripped without losing muscle mass. Here's how.

Don't dismiss this style of exercise just because it's got a stupid name that makes you sound like you have a speech impediment. As you might guess, wogging is a combination of walking and jogging, and it's not just a remedial program for wanna-be distance runners.

Wogging actually takes advantage of new research that shows that walkers who vary their speed burn up to 20 percent more calories than walkers who maintain a steady speed. By slowing down, or even stopping, and then accelerating, you're changing the kinetic energy of your body and that requires more energy, i.e., calories.

Just walking in this halting, stop-and-go manner is effective in burning fat, but combining the concept with running instead of walking turns it into an extremely effective fat-burning regimen. As such, it should more accurately be called "wunning," but there's only so much cuteness we all can take.

Do This

  1. Simply walk briskly for a time and then accelerate into a fast run.
  2. Once you begin to tire and your pace drops off dramatically, start walking again until you recover enough to break into another run.
  3. The distance you cover is irrelevant. Instead, set out to "wog" or "wun" for a pre-determined length of time, say, 30 minutes.
  4. Three 30-minute sessions a week will do wonders in slicing off that ugly fat.