Tip: Do Slides for a Bigger, Stronger Back

This unique rowing variation builds your back and even strengthens your core as a bonus. Take a look.

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Adding a unilateral element to the inverted row significantly enhances the difficulty by forcing each arm to lift a greater percentage of your total bodyweight. Moreover, the "slide" at the top amplifies the intensity of the contraction and increases the core demands by forcing the torso to resist rotation.

Inverted Row Slides

  1. Set up using a pronated (overhand) grip with your hands slightly wider than what you'd use for the bench press.
  2. Pulling primarily with your right arm, pull yourself up towards your right hand until your chest touches the bar.
  3. From there, keeping your chest close to the bar and your torso level, slide yourself over to your left hand and lower yourself primarily using your left arm to bear the load.
  4. Alternate which side you pull to first on each successive rep.