Tip: Do Landmine Lateral Raises

Build your shoulders with this unique exercise that feels great even on well-worn delts.

The landmine device works really well for lateral raises. The arc of the barbell turns it into more of a front raise/lateral raise hybrid and provides a unique stimulus from what you get with dumbbells or cables. (If you don't have access to a landmine, just shove a barbell into a corner.)

Landmine Lateral Raise

Stand perpendicular to the landmine with the bar in one hand. Begin with the hand even with the opposite side hip, as if you're trying to reach into your opposite pocket. From there, keep the arm straight and perform a lateral raise type of motion.

Too Easy!

They look pretty wussy for sure, but try them before rushing to judgment because they're very difficult. As a point of reference, I don't use more than 10-12 pounds on the end of the bar on these, and usually five is plenty.

Too Hard!

You may even find the barbell is too much at first, particularly if you hold it at the end, in which case you can just hold it farther down on the skinny part of the bar to shorten the lever arm.

Bonus: If you're strict and don't allow for any body movement, this exercise also challenges the rotary core as you come across your body.