Tip: Do Hip Thrusts for Better Glutes

Learn this and make it a staple. Here's how it's done.

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If you want to transform your backside, your weapon of choice should be the hip thrust. Professional athletes and physique competitors are using it to strengthen their glutes and build their strength, speed, and power. Here's how it's done:

  1. Wedge yourself into position, get tight, and take in a deep breath before initiating the concentric (lifting) action.
  2. The back hinges on the bench at the line that's just beneath your scapulae. Don't slide up and down the bench.
  3. Set up with a medium to wide stance with your feet pointed straight ahead or slightly flared.
  4. Push through the heels and don't rise up onto your toes. The bar rests just above your pubic bone and stays there throughout the duration of the set.
  5. Make sure you reach full hip extension. If you can't lock out the hips, then you're going too heavy.
  6. Your shins should be fairly vertical when at the top of the movement and the knees should track over the toes. Don't let the knees to cave.
  7. Your ribcage is kept down during the set to prevent your chest from arching. This ensures that your lumbar spine doesn't hyperextend and your pelvis doesn't anteriorly tilt. Think stable, flattened torso with pure hip motion.
  8. Use a smooth tempo and avoid flinging the weight upward. Lower the bar while keeping eccentric tension on the glutes. Reps can be brought all the way to the ground and reset, or reversed in mid-air without touching down.
  9. Focus on using the glutes to push the hips straight upward. This focus is critical for building the glutes.
  10. Hold the last rep of each set isometrically at the top for 3-10 seconds. This will build good habits and ensure that you're strengthening end-range hip extension.
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