Tip: Do High-Rep Plate Raises for Traps

This is really going to burn, but you'll love the results. Here's how to do it.

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Are you a member of Team No-Traps? Then add this exercise into your trap training program.

Many lifters use the front plate raise, but they don't get results. The first mistake they make is raising a very heavy plate only to eye level. With this version, go lighter and raise the plate over your head. Bringing it all the way overhead will bring the traps and upper back into action. These really hit the top of the traps and the rhomboids.

Do 100 reps without stopping. Where I'd normally use a 45 pound plate, I use a 25 pound plate for this variation. When you fatigue from using a 45 you may naturally bend your arms too much. Keep only a slight bend in the elbows. Don't hammer-curl it up.

Choose whatever weight allows you to get 100 reps. If this exercise is used as a "finisher" after your paused shrugs or rows, you may even need a 10 pounder. The results are worth the temporary shame.