Tip: Do Front-Squat 21's

Build your legs and your work ethic with this grueling combo. Here's how.

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Arnold popularized 21's with biceps curls: 7 partial reps at the bottom of the movement, 7 partial reps at the top, then 7 full range curls. These are the same thing, only with front squats. Yes, front squats. Your favorite, right?

You'll need to use a lighter weight than you'd otherwise be able to use for regular front squats, especially if you do them after your heavier work as a finisher. Because of that, holding the bar shouldn't be as much of an issue.

Front-Squat 21's

  1. Start by doing 7 reps from the bottom position to about halfway up.
  2. Next, without racking the bar, do 7 reps from the top to about halfway down. (You know, how most guys do their regular squats.)
  3. Finish up with 7 full front squats. That's one set.