Tip: Do Fixation-Insertion Super Sets for Biceps

This is brutal. And smart. But mainly brutal. And it'll trigger biceps growth like nothing else. Check it out.

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In kinesiology, the origin of a muscle is what is fixated and the insertion is what moves. If you can superset movements that combine these two opposite functions, you stimulate muscle fibers at both ends and you get super compensation.

Here's a nasty super set for biceps:

  1. Do 4-6 reps of close-grip chin ups.
  2. Rest 8-10 seconds.
  3. Then do 8-10 reps of incline dumbbell curls. See photo below.
  4. Do five sets, resting approximately 2 minutes between sets.

Incline Curl

Here's What's Happening

When you're doing the chin-up, the origin is at the elbow and the insertion is at the shoulder. Then, when you do the incline dumbbell curls, it's the opposite: the origin is at the shoulder and the insertion is at the elbow.

Mechanically, you're doing two extremes, and inducing fiber damage beyond belief.