Explosive exercises activate high-threshold motor units to recruit more muscle during training. More recruitment means more weight and more muscle. Example: broad jumps. Broad jumps are awesome for developing explosive horizontal hip power and athleticism.

How to Broad Jump

There are three phases to the broad jump: loading, exploding, and landing.

  1. Loading: Set up with feet about shoulder-width apart in an athletic stance with arms up at chest height. Simultaneously swing the arms while flexing at the hips and knees, loading up the legs.
  2. Exploding: Immediately after loading, swing the arms simultaneously with the jump, driving off the legs and pushing the hips forward. Aim to jump both out and up, because adding a vertical component to the jump reduces shear stress on the knees. Bring your feet and arms back in front of you in preparation for landing.
  3. Landing: Drop your hips as you near the ground to absorb force in a flat-foot position. Stick your landing for a moment to reinforce proper position. Land each rep and re-set before the next.

How Many?

Do three sets of 3 to 5 reps with 60-90 seconds between sets before you hit the weights. Use broad jumps before cleans or deadlifts to groove explosive triple extension.

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