Tip: Do a Standing Glute Squeeze Every Day

Thirty seconds a day is all it takes to wake up your glutes and improve lifting performance. Here's how to do it.

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It's an alarming trend – athletes showing up to the weight room with weak and poorly activating glutes. Dr. Stu McGill calls this phenomenon "gluteal amnesia." This amnesia can be cured with some basic low-load exercises. In fact, a recent study showed that prescribing isometric glute squeezes to patients who suffered from spinal cord injuries increased their usage of the glutes while walking, enabling them to walk faster.

Your glutes are likely not functioning to their full extent. Simply performing a maximal glute contraction each day will go a long way in allowing them to retain (or even build) their neuromuscular capacity.

What To Do

Stand up and take a moderate to wide stance. Flare the feet out slightly. Now squeeze the glutes as hard as possible for 30 seconds. Make "fists" to increase the neural drive through irradiation. Just do this once.

Want More? Do the Glute March.

If simply squeezing your glutes doesn't cut it, then do the glute march.

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