Tip: Do 7-4-7 Deadlifts to Boost Performance

This workout builds muscle, increases work capacity, and burns fat. Check it out.

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The 7-4-7 protocol has three functions:

  1. For physique goals: To add work volume and create more of a pump in the muscle involved, which can stimulate hypertrophy.
  2. For performance athletes: To help increase work capacity by building power-endurance.
  3. For general fitness and fat loss: To help increase the metabolic demand of the workout.

To do it, start with 7 reps using a moderate weight. Without resting, increase the load and bang out 4 reps. Finish the set by doing another 7 reps using a lighter weight.

Here's another option:

  • A1. Loaded Deadlifts (version of your choice) x 7
  • A2. Deadlift Jumps (as high a you can go) x 4
  • A3. Loaded Deadlifts (using a slightly lower load than used on the first 7 reps) x 7