Tip: Depth Jump Push-Up, Long Response

Here's a plyometric exercise designed to boost your bench press.

Bench Press Specific Plyometrics

The agonists (prime mover) in the bench press lockout are the triceps. The muscle that can either slow down or stop a movement is the antagonist muscle, in this case, the biceps. We know we can get around this somewhat with bands and chains but that's just one trick. Let's open up the bag a little more.

Straight speed bench pressing has limits in developing maximum force through the entire range of motion. Full range of motion is required in powerlifting competition or to maintain street cred with accomplished lifters. Here's another effective way to fight the muscle antagonist-limiting factor: bench press specific plyometrics. The video shows the depth jump push-up with a long response.

  1. Start by lying in a push-up position with your hands on top of a stable surface, like a six-inch box.
  2. For the downward phase, move your hands from the top of the surface down to the floor, keeping your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Allow your chest to come about an inch off the box.
  3. For the upward phase, push up as fast and as high off the ground as possible, and land in the starting position. Repeat.