Tip: Deadlift With a Wide Grip

If you're weak off the floor on your conventional deads, then use this variation to get stronger.

Because of the wide grip of the snatch-grip deadlift, you have to get into a lower position to pick up the bar, which increases the overall range of motion. This can be beneficial for those who are weak off the floor with their regular deadlifts.

The Snatch-Grip Deadlift

Because of the wider grip, you place more stress on the upper back, traps, and rear delts compared to other variations.

Can I Use Straps?

I'm not a fan of using wrist straps because too many people use them as a crutch for a weak grip. That said, snatch-grip deadlifts are a rare instance where I'll allow an athlete to use straps.

A Word of Caution

Many lifters don't have the ankle, hip, or thoracic mobility to get into the proper position for this exercise, and many resort to lifting with a rounded back. If that's the case, an easy regression would be to perform snatch-grip rack pulls from knee height or mid-shin level.