Tip: Corrective Complex, Quads and Hip Flexors

Sequence these drills in this order before your next leg day and you'll have a better workout.

When it comes to corrective drills, sequencing is important. Corrective complexes are pre-workout drills performed together to achieve maximum benefit in a short period of time. This sequencing increases the effectiveness by producing a synergistic effect. The three components should:

  1. Address soft tissue quality
  2. Mobilize and lengthen that soft tissue
  3. Activate the antagonist muscle

After the restrictions have been reduced with the soft tissue work, the muscles will be more responsive to the range of motion drills. Immediately following the rolling of a particular muscle group, we take advantage of its newfound flexibility by taking it through specific mobility exercises. The final component takes advantage of the law of reciprocal inhibition: as a muscle contracts on one side of a joint, its antagonist must relax.

In the video you'll see a sample sequence for quads and hip flexors:

  • PVC quad/hip flexor: 30 seconds
  • Hip flexor mobility:  10 per side
  • Single-leg hip thrust:  10 per side