Tip: Corrective Complex, Calves

Sequence these corrective drills in this order and you'll get better results from each. Try it before your next lower body workout.

Chances are, you already use foam or lacrosse-ball rolling, range of motion drills, and activation drills. The only problem is, you're probably not using them in an optimal format.

Corrective complexes are three pre-workout drills sequenced together to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. This sequencing increases the effectiveness of the warm-up drills by producing a synergistic effect.

Corrective complexes are simple to construct. The three components should address soft tissue quality, mobilize and lengthen soft tissue, then activate the antagonist.

The last component takes advantage of the law of reciprocal inhibition, which states that as a muscle contracts on one side of a joint, its antagonist must relax.

In the video you'll see a sample corrective complex for calves:

  • A. Lax ball plantar fascia and calf, 30 seconds
  • B. Wall ankle mobility, 10 per side
  • C. AIS calf stretch/anterior tibialis activation, 10 per side

It's simple. Just find a restricted muscle, roll it, mobilize it, and then activate its antagonist.