Tip: Cable Pull-Through

Strengthen the glutes for a better deadlift and squat, or just build a better butt, with the cable pull-through.

Main Benefits – Hip Movement and Glute Development

If back pain is your main problem during deadlifts, it might be because you move from the wrong places. The pull-through is a great exercise for learning how to move from/with the hips and glutes while making sure the spine is kept in a stable position.

One of the main reasons people struggle with the deadlift is quad dominance – the tendency to move more from the knee joint than the hip joint. The pull you get from behind your body in this exercise forces you to push the hips back, and is therefore a great learning tool for the deadlift. Since the pressure on the spine is very low compared to the deadlift, you can train this movement with a high volume. This makes it a great booty-builder.

Technical Focal Points

  • Let the weight pull the hands/arms back, while simultaneously leaning the torso forward.
  • Make sure you mainly move from the hips, and don't push the knees forward. Make it a hip movement/deadlift, not a knee movement/squat.
  • From the bottom position, think "glute bridge" and finish with a solid glute contraction.
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