Tip: Build Your Shoulders with Pain and Acid

This multi-press complex is going to cause the lactic acid to flow like a river. Just what the delts need for hypertrophy. Check it out.

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Photo Credit: Nick Cheadle

The shoulders need plenty of time under tension (TUT) to grow. That means longer sets with lighter weights. The main thing to focus on is stimulating as much lactate build-up in the target muscle as possible. You need to have a high pain tolerance. Lactate accumulation through muscular work is maximized when the muscle is under tension for 45-70 seconds. This complex will take care of that.

The Multi-Press Complex

This complex is made up of 6 different presses. We go from the weakest to the strongest, a concept known as mechanical drop sets. The goal is to do 5 reps for each exercise, but don't freak out if you only get 3 or even fewer near the end. The exercises, done without any rest, are:

A. Seated Muscle Snatch or Barbell Cuban Press
B. Behind the Neck Press, Snatch Grip (seated)
C. Behind the Neck Press, Clean Grip (seated)
D. Savickas Press (military press seated on the floor with extended legs and no back support)
E. Bradford Press (standing)
F. Push Press (standing)

Do 3 sets of this complex with about 90 seconds of rest between sets.

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