Tip: Build Your Back with Inverted Rows

It's not just for newbs. Here's how to turn this exercise into a muscle-building staple.

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The inverted row or "fat man pull-up" is a great back exercise, and it's not just for beginners... or fat guys. Here's how to make it into a challenging muscle builder.

Inverted Row with Pause

  1. Place a squat pad in the middle of the bar to serve as a target. This prevents any excessive anterior humeral glide.
  2. Pause at the pad for a 3-5 second count. I challenge you to do this for 10 reps and tell me your back isn't on fire.
  3. To make it tougher, elevate the feet. This serves as a way to increase the range of motion so that you're pulling more of your own bodyweight.
  4. Still not tough enough? Add weight. Adding chains as an external load will make these harder, but for those who train at gyms that aren't well equipped, wear a backpack loaded with weights.