Tip: Build Size with the 3-50 Method

Use this set-rep scheme with any lifting exercise and you'll build some new muscle. Warning: It's brutal. Take a look.

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If your goal is hypertrophy, try this loading method. This is a very effective (and painful) method for getting in a lot of rep work. Works great with just about any exercise.

The 3/50 Method

Pick a weight that you try to do for 50 total reps over the course of three working sets. For most people, choosing a weight that allows you to get 18 to 22 reps on the first set is about right. Once you're able to get a total of 50 reps over 3 sets, add weight.

I used this on incline presses and found that when my 3-50 sets went up, so did my other pressing. For example, initially I picked 225 as my 50-rep weight. Generally, my sets fell into these kinds of ranges:

  • 225 x 22
  • 225 x 13
  • 225 x 8
  • Total reps = 43

I stayed with 225 until I was able to get the 50 total. After that I started going after 50 total reps with a heavier weight. Give it a shot!