Tip: Build Biceps & Abs With the Inverted Curl

Target two muscles groups with just one super-effective exercise. Here's how.

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Short on time or just need a new exercise to shake up your workouts? Try this and nail your biceps and your core musculature at the same time.

Inverted Biceps Curl

If you put yourself in the inverted row position, you can manipulate your arm position so that you can do a closed-chain biceps curl, which is guaranteed to provide a massive pump.

While some would look at this exercise as an anti-flexion exercise (as gravity works to sag your hips towards the floor), it's actually an anti-extension exercise. You're more likely to super-compensate against gravity and arch your lower back as you pop your hips towards the ceiling, which is what the body wants to do because it makes the exercise easier.

However, by focusing on keeping your position neutral, you'll not only work the biceps really well, but also subject the core to some significant anti-extension work.