Tip: Build a Stronger, Harder Butt

Blast your glutes and hamstrings like never before with dynamic-static compound sets. Here's how.

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The framework for a dynamic-static compound set is simple:

  • A1. Dynamic Exercise: 12 reps
  • A2. Static Hold: to failur

Begin with a 12 RM of any decent dynamic exercise to pre-fatigue the muscles and immediately follow it up with a static hold to failure of an exercise that works the same muscles. Rest 90 seconds, then repeat twice more, shooting for at least 8 reps on subsequent sets. Here's what that'll look like with glute/ham exercises.

Dynamic-Static Compound Set: Hams & Glutes

  1. Romanian Deadlift: 12 reps
  2. Single-Leg Glute Bridge on Foam Roller (advanced) or
    Bilateral Glute Bridge on Foam Roller (basic) to failure

Three rounds will be plenty if you're legitimately pushing each hold to failure.

Technique Tip

On the glute bridge, push hard into the ground with your arms to engage your abs, and squeeze your glutes like you're holding a quarter between your cheeks. The mind-muscle connection is key here. You can half-ass a bridge for two pointless minutes or you can squeeze every muscle in your body for 30 excruciating seconds.