Tip: Body-Build to Keep Strength Gains Coming

Hypertrophy training should always be a part of your plan, even if your primary goal is strength. Here's why.

Strengthen Your Weak Points

This mostly applies to those who've already built a solid strength base and have good technique. Beginners just need to focus on getting stronger overall. Your weak points are everywhere.

This is mostly a muscular issue, and it's why hypertrophy training should always exist within the framework of overall strength training. The areas the most neglected in strength athletes are often caused by overcompensation from neighboring stronger and larger muscle groups. So let's discuss a few of those.

Commonly weak muscle groups and why you need to strengthen them:

  • Weak lower traps – Train them for improved shoulder stability, essential if you want to improve in all forms of pressing.
  • Weak hamstrings – Train them to help stabilize the knee, necessary if you want to continue squatting heavier without hurting your knees.
  • Weak biceps – Train them to improve elbow stability. Very important for the bench press.

Remember, lifts that isolate muscle groups aren't just for aesthetics, they'll also give you a leg up on your strength journey... if you're interested in, you know, not hurting.