Tip: Big Arms, No Weights

This bodyweight superset is tougher than it looks. Prepare to hurt the next day. Check it out.


Most gyms now come equipped with suspension straps, but rings also work for this killer superset.

Suspension Strap Skull Crusher and Curl

  • A1 Suspension Strap Inverted Skull Crusher – 4 sets of 10-12
  • A2 Suspension Strap Curl – 4 sets of 10-12

Take no rest between the skull crusher and the curl, then rest approximately 90-120 seconds between supersets.

Choose an angle of moderate difficulty until you've gained proficiency and can increase the challenge.

  • For the triceps portion: Maintain a stable shoulder angle as you control the descent into end-range elbow flexion, mirroring a skull crusher, and then reverse into elbow lockout and repeat.
  • For the suspension strap curls: Maintain neutral body position with arms extended 90 degrees from your torso. The elbows will try to drop as the more powerful lats instinctively try to turn the movement into more of a row. Defend against this by maintaining strict position of the humeri by elevating your elbows. This keeps tension on your biceps, thus delivering an intense stress and burn.
Andrew Coates is a trainer who is focused on strength development for everyday people and young athletes. He’s a fitness writer, speaker, and host of The Lift Free and Diet Hard Podcast.

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