Curling for Powerlifters?

Yes. Several powerlifting federations have actually added the strict curl back into their competitions. It's an individual event and not counted toward the "big three" total, but it's fun. And besides, any so-called "strongman" should sport a respectable curl, right? Here's one of the methods we use to train for it.

The Strict Curl Drop Set

The rules: Your upper back and butt must stay in contact with the wall on the way up and on the way down. Taking a wider stance slightly decreases the chance of your butt moving off. The heels have to be 12 inches from the wall or less. Your head, upper arms, and wrists can move as much as you want.

After a few warm-up sets, you're going to three drop sets.

  1. Perform 1 heavy rep and set the bar down.
  2. Strip off 5-10 pounds.
  3. Perform another heavy rep.
  4. Repeat the above until you've performed 4 total reps in that set.
  5. Rest and do 2 more rounds as described.

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