Tip: Bench Thoracic Spine Mobilization

Most heavy lifters need better thoracic spine mobility. Here's one way to get it, while also stretching your lats and triceps.

There are countless drills you can try to build some length in the long head of the triceps (really anything with overhead reaching). That said, the bench t-spine mobilization is definitely my favorite because it gives a great triceps and lat stretch while building some thoracic spine extension mobility, anterior core stability, and deep neck flexor recruitment simultaneously.

Key Coaching Points

  1. Make sure you're in full elbow flexion in the bottom position.
  2. Make a double chin so that you don't drift into forward head posture.
  3. As you rock back, brace the anterior core and focus on extending through the upper back and flexing through the shoulders, rather than just arching the lower back.