Tip: Banded Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Add bands to this booty builder to get even better results.

  1. Double up a pair of power bands and attach them to each end of the bar and to the band pegs on each side at the base of the rack.
  2. Position your supporting foot so that it lies directly under the middle of the barbell and in between the front and back band pegs at the base of the rack.
  3. Keep the barbell over your base of support and hinge forward on your supporting leg while maintaining hip extension on your non-supporting leg.
  4. Explode through the top of every rep and return to standing with both feet planted.
  5. Maintain a neutral pelvis position throughout.
Brianna Alexander is a personal trainer in La Jolla, California. She is a two-time NPC Bikini competition overall state winner, and a one-time National competitor. Currently, Brianna works out with Bret Contreras at his new Glute Lab Gym in Pacific Beach, California. She also trains clients at the La Jolla Sports Club. Follow Brianna Alexander on Instagram