Tip: Avoid Kyphotic Posture

For hip hinge exercises like RDLs and deadlifts, watch out for this common mistake.

Avoid kyphotic posture during the top extension phase. Many coaches over-cue posterior pelvic tilt with excessive shortening in the glutes, especially during hip extension. Unfortunately, this has lead to a very common form of dysfunctional movement and postural aberration at the top, extended position of the hinge or deadlift where the individual loses all traces of postural neutrality and spinal rigidity.

Essentially, these folks produce kyphotic posture, shoulder rounding, forward heat tilt, and significant spinal flexion at the top of hinge and deadlift movements. Although this is often done with the goal of producing as much tension in the glutes as possible, such a dysfunctional position is detrimental. This looks like the same postural alignment witnessed on elderly individuals.

Ironically, the hip hinge is one of the most beneficial movements there is for improving spinal mechanics and postural alignment, provided it's performed correctly.