Tip: Angled, Unilateral Romanian Deadlift

This RDL variation, using a barbell placed in a corner, really nails your glutes.

Here's a unique single-leg Romanian deadlift variation, using a barbell in a corner, that I developed using a body lean to hit the glutes in two ways. The unique aspect of this exercise is subtle, but it makes a big difference in the glute involvement.

Action and Coaching Tips

Keeping your back straight, drive your hips toward the barbell as you lift it and stand tall without overextending your lower back. As you lift the barbell up by pressing your left foot into the ground, simultaneously press yourself toward the anchor point of the bar by leaning toward your right side so your body is at a slight angle at the top of each rep.

Be sure to drive your hips toward the anchor point of the barbell; don't just lean with your shoulders. Keep the bar close to you throughout.