Tip: Alternating Four Corners Farmer's Walk

This high intensity metcon workout involves the entire body and demands extended repetitive effort. Try it!

Hold two dumbbells and perform each exercise in an alternating left side/right side fashion.

  1. Do alternating single-leg Romanian deadlifts, 6-8 each side, then walk to the next cone.
  2. Do 6-8 alternating-arm hang cleans. Finish with each dumbbell in the shoulder carry racked position. Walk to the next cone.
  3. Do 6-8 (each side) alternating lunges (front or reverse) holding the dumbbells in the racked position. Walk to the next cone.
  4. Do 6-8 dumbbell upper cuts (each side), then walk back to the starting cone carrying the dumbbells overhead.

That's one round. Perform 2-4 rounds, resting about 2-4 minutes between.