Tip: A New Way to Do Chest Dips

The pin dip variation will hit your pecs in a whole new way, plus it nails the traps and triceps. Check it out.

The pin dip is an effective way to do dips even if you don't have a dip station. As a bonus, it beats the standard dip when you're looking to build the traps, target the front delts, or get more work on your triceps. The wide grip also changes the angle to stimulate new chest growth.

The Pin Dip

Set up in the rack with the pins a little higher than your waist. Go straight down on your dips. You know you're doing it correctly when you feel it in your traps.

Kelvin King, Jr is the owner of Creative Athletic Movements, and serves as a High School Strength and Conditioning coach and consultant. Kelvin is a highly sought after strength and conditioning expert and writer who works with athletes in the Washington, DC area.  Follow Kelvin King, Jr on Facebook