Tip: A New Move for Upper Body Strength

Build lats, traps, and shoulders with this suspension exercise. Strengthens your core and grip too.

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Part of building a muscular upper body involves good mobility and using varying pressing angles. To complement all your hard work with barbells and dumbbells, try putting your body in an awkward but safe position to do this exercise.

Reverse Grip Suspension Press

  1. Dig your toes into the ground and lengthen your body so it's at an inclined position, 40-50 degrees from the floor.
  2. Grab the rings (or any suspension apparatus) using a reverse or supinated grip. The reverse grip is a great way to "shock your muscles" due to the slight rotation of the wrists.
  3. Make sure your grip and core are tight. Start pressing.

By rotating your wrists, you'll increase your grip and forearm strength and reduce common overuse injuries and tendonitis (sometimes caused by your tight upper body and the consistent use of dumbbells and barbells).

This move will also build your lats, traps, shoulders, and triceps, as well as the anterior and posterior core. All the facets of anti-core training will come into play.

Kelvin King, Jr is the owner of Creative Athletic Movements, and serves as a High School Strength and Conditioning coach and consultant. Kelvin is a highly sought after strength and conditioning expert and writer who works with athletes in the Washington, DC area.  Follow Kelvin King, Jr on Facebook