Tip: A New Exercise for Traps and Delts

This upright row variation is safer and works even better than the traditional version. Check it out.

This exercise is great for smashing the medial delts and traps, with the posterior delts getting a little bit of action as well. One thing I like about this version is that the physical therapy police can't pooh-pooh it like they do the traditional upright row, which involves elevation of the shoulders in conjunction with internal rotation.

Cross-Body Upright Row (Traps/Medial Delts)

With these, you're going to actually get some external rotation action happening as you pull the cable across your body, with the arms going behind you. This eliminates all bitching, moaning, complaining, and traffic stops from the physical therapy shoulder-police brigade.

Intensity Technique: Partials

Oh yes, this is going to hurt so good. After getting in 12 tough full reps, start doing half reps until you start to hallucinate. At that point, cut the range of motion in half again and crank out as many reps as you can. Three sets like this will have you wondering if I'm truly a maniac. (I am.)