Tip: A New Angle on the Shoulder Press

Try this pressing variation to mix things up. It's also great if your shoulders are feeling banged up.


Heavy overhead presses are key for shoulder development. However, the anterior shoulder and triceps do most of the work. If you want your shoulder presses to be more posterior-delt dominant, give this angled shoulder press variation a shot.

  1. Set up on the lowest point on the cable machine and use no attachment.
  2. Using a staggered stance, position your body at an angle, keep your chest up, and brace your core. This setup will allow you to create enough tension for stability purposes.
  3. Position the handle in front of your shoulder. You should be feeling tension in your delt. Keep your elbow close to you. Press up along the same line of your body (at an angle), and reverse the movement to the starting position.

This exercise is great if you have limited shoulder mobility or if you're trying to target more of the posterior delt. It's a great exercise for keeping constant tension on the muscle with moderate loads.

Try this for 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps per side.