Tip: A Better Way to Row

Build a bigger back with this new twist on the seated row. Take a look.

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This exercise takes the standard seated cable row and adds a little flair to it by taking advantage of the eccentric emphasis. We know that we're significantly stronger in the eccentric (lowering or negative) phase of an exercise. Eccentric training causes increased micro-trauma of the muscle fibers, which in turn leads to increased hypertrophy.

The 2/1 technique is an easy way to take advantage of the eccentric portion of the lift and to incorporate a bit more overload to the upper back.

Seated Row, 2/1 Technique

  1. Pull explosively with two hands during the concentric portion of the movement.
  2. Return as controlled as possible with ONE hand during the eccentric or negative portion.

Not only is this a great way to increase time under tension, it's also a superb way to train one limb at a time.