Tip: A Better Way to Bench Press

Spare your joints and build your chest with this smart variation.


Not every athlete has the ability to (or needs to) bench press with a bar. However, the everyday athlete looking to build upper-body size and strength would be wise to implement pain-free range of motion training strategies. That's where the Swiss bar comes in.

The Swiss Bar offers a neutral grip position, which can provide a much smoother bar path for the bench press. Ditch the bar and swap in the Swiss bar if you have cranky shoulders or limited range of motion. It's a much better bang-for-your-buck, without the excessive shearing forces on the glenohumeral joint that come with the barbell.

Most versions of this specialty bar come with a few different hand position options. This works well for lifters of all sizes since it caters to narrow, moderate, and wide-based neutral grip positions.

How to Do It

  • Set up with your back flat on the bench.
  • Drive your feet down into the floor to create a stable base with your hips and core.
  • Choose the grip width that works best for you.
  • Lower the Swiss bar to the chest with a subtle tap and then press back up.