Tip: A Better Bodyweight Squat

Ditch the pistol squat and try this instead.


This version of the single-leg squat puts you in a position that's more common to how we move in life and sport. That's why it feels more natural and less awkward than a pistol squat.

Single-Leg Knee Tap Squat

Simply lean forward and hold your non-weight-bearing foot behind you instead of in front. The forward lean increases your glute and hamstring involvement, which also makes it easier on the working knee.

How To Do It

  • Stand in front of a pad that's about two to three inches (8-13 cm) thick, like a small stack of weight plates with a mat on top or a workout step.
  • If you can't go as low as shown in the video, simply increase the height of what you're tapping your back knee onto. The goal is to do each rep with control.
  • Keep your hands outstretched in front to serve as a counterbalance. You can also do the exercise while holding a dumbbell against each shoulder.
  • Slowly lower yourself toward the floor by bending your weight-bearing knee and sitting back at your hips until you lightly tap your back knee on the object.
  • Keep your back (non-weight-bearing) foot from touching the floor.
  • Do all reps on the same side before switching sides.