Tip: 9 Upper Body Mobility Drills

Adopt a few of these drills and feel better fast.

  1. Cat-Camel: During this drill you'll be taking the spine from extension into flexion, making sure to press hard through the floor to get as much of an arch as you can through the back.
  2. Reach Through: From a quadraped position, take one arm and slide it between the space of the other arm and knee. To enhance this drill, reach further and try to lean more onto the shoulder of the arm you're reaching with.
  3. Front Facing Wrist Extension: Put your hands on the floor, fingers pointing forward. Lean forward to stretch the wrist for your desired count then lean back to relieve the pressure.
  4. Rear-Facing Wrist Extension: Put your hands on the floor, fingers pointing towards your knees. Sit back allowing for the wrist and forearms to stretch and learn forward to relieve pressure.
  5. Wrist/Elbow Supination: Place the back of your hand on the floor and place the knee on top of the palm of the hand. Rotate the elbow to face forward, then rotate back and bend the elbow to relieve the pressure.
  6. Shoulder External Rotation: This one is for shoulder external rotation. From a standing position, place your fist together in front of your sternum. Then pull them back creating a letter "W" with your arms and head. From this position, rotate your thumbs back and down, returning them to the starting position.
  7. Wrist Flexion and Extension: Have the arms extended out with the palms facing away and fingers facing up. Slide the palms down, in, and back out to an extended arm position with fingers pointing down.
  8. Shoulder Reach and Rotate: Standing with both arms extended out to the side and palms facing up, initiate the movement at the shoulder, rotating it up and forward, following that with the arm rotating as well. Then reach out as far as you can with both arms.
  9. Shoulder CARs: Stand a good distance away from the wall. Rotate the arm up, back, and down with a locked-out elbow. It's important that you try your hardest to not rotate the torso to make the movement easier.