Tip: 4 Ways to Boost Your Bench Press

Here's a quick overview of four methods more advanced lifters use to bench press more weight and keep the gains coming.

As you begin to progress in your training, it's important to add variety to decrease any chance of stalling out or overtraining. These bench press variations are good to rotate into your programming and don't require much equipment.

  1. Foam Roller Bench Press: This partial range movement takes out most chest involvement you'd have in a regular bench press, which forces all of the load on the triceps. Big and strong triceps are going to be the main key in hitting bigger numbers.
  2. Floor Press: Most people fail mid-way during the bench press. This variation allows you to train that range of motion directly. The pause on the floor eliminates all benefit of the stretch reflex and forces you to control the eccentric and concentric portion on the lift.
  3. Barbell Press From Pins: Because this is a concentric-only movement (no negative or eccentric), there will be little to no soreness the following day. This variation also allows you to get a better understanding of driving your upper back down into the bench.
  4. Reverse Band Bench Press: This variation allows your central nervous system to adapt to heavier loads. Doing this can make your max-out weight feel lighter because you'll have already felt that weight and heavier loads prior.