Tip: 4 Strongman-Style Exercises You Need

Build all-over strength with these carry and push variations.

Loaded carries are the missing element in many training programs. Add one of the variations below to your weekly plan and watch your overall strength and conditioning skyrocket.

But first, a few rules on form:

  1. Spinal position should never deviate from neutral. If you can't maintain a stable spine without uncontrolled flexion and extension, decrease the weight.
  2. Limit rocking, swaying, or anything else that resembles Lindsay Lohan at a roadside sobriety test.
  3. Keep the spine tensed along with the abdomen, but ensure you can still perform forced powerful breathing and move your legs.

Work with carrying greater than 70% body weight or more.

50% of deadlift max weight or more.

Two times body weight (dependent on friction of surface being used).

Work with a weight of 25-40% of max deadlift weight.