Tip: 3-Way Ankle Joint Mobilization

If you ankle mobility issues are joint related, try this mobility technique.

You can only transfer soft-tissue or joint range of motion and mobility into movement and training if you can control it.

  1. Starting in the half-kneeling position, you'll use the 3-way ankle joint mobilization. This incorporates more oscillatory movements at end range dorsiflexion.
  2. Use three directions leading with your knee. Move it slight in towards midline, slightly out away from midline, and straight forward in front of the toes. Use 15-20 slow and controlled oscillations in each direction making sure to reach a comfortable and more extended end range each rep that was enhanced by the previous manual joint move.

To know if this strategy is working, and to what degree, spend two seconds testing and retesting between sets. This is how you make sure a mobility drill is working for you, not against you.