Tip: 3 Tips Newbies Don't Want to Hear

Fairly new to lifting? Here's some harsh advice you might not like, but you should definitely take to heart.

Are you new to lifting? Here's some advice you might not like, but you should definitely take to heart anyway, even if it hurts your feelings a little.

You have no business maxing out in the gym if you're a beginner. I don't care how strong you're feeling. Do your reps and grow. Demonstrating strength literally has no training benefit. Are you in the gym to feed your ego or to actually make progress?

You know that really jacked guy you see in the gym or on the internet? Don't even think about trying to copy what he's doing. What he's doing right now isn't what he did to get to that level.

Stop asking, "What's your training look like right now, brah" to every jacked dude you see. You have no idea how annoying that is, because that training doesn't apply to you.

Not only that, and I know this is going to shock you, but you're not them. You're working with an entirely different set of genes and you need to focus on what's best for you rather than trying to emulate what someone else who's been training for more than a decade is doing.

Whether you realize it or not, having strong legs and hips are important for longevity. They're going to be the muscle groups that carry your torso around for the rest of your life. Visit a nursing home and check out all the people using walkers and it might dawn on you that building strong hips and legs are important for reasons besides aesthetic symmetry.

Plus, you also don't want someone snapping a pic of your legs in the gym and making a meme out of you.