Tip: 3 New Ways to Build Strong Hammies

You need more than the standard leg curl. Try out one of these clever exercises.


Hamstrings lagging? Get creative. Lighten the load a bit; play around with different angles, force vectors and exercises; and accumulate tissue-specific volume. Try one of these exercises for 3-5 sets. Shoot for 8-12 reps.

1. Rear Foot on Wall Dumbbell RDL

This variation of the traditional RDL places the back foot against a wall for added stability, thereby neutralizing the balance challenges a lot of people seem to face with this exercise.

2. Prone BOSU Hamstring Curl

One of the biggest mistakes with hamstring curls is excessively arching the lower back as the knee goes into flexion. This flexes the hip and rolls the pelvis forward, putting the hamstrings in an overly lengthened position where they can't produce force effectively.

To combat this, shove a BOSU ball – yeah, that thing – under your stomach to keep your back in flexion and your hips in extension where the hamstrings can work maximally to flex the knee.

3. Nordic Hamstring Curl

The eccentric, or breaking action, of the hamstring is important for sprinting, bounding, and jumping, but often gets neglected. Not only that, but eccentric exercises build massive amounts of strength that help to bolster your numbers on the bar.

Adam Vogel is the founder of Pure Performance Training, where he combines science and individualization to help people look better, improve athleticism, and eliminate chronic pain. Adam has coached professional athletes from the New England Patriots, Atlanta Thrashers, and New England Revolution.

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