Tip: 3 New Ways to Blow Up Your Legs

These landmine exercises aren't for sissies. Check 'em out.


Whether you use a dedicated landmine device or you just shove a barbell into a corner (against a towel or even an old shoe), this style of training is worth adding to your program.

These three variations will smash your lower body, but in a different way than you're probably used to. Plus, this type of work has transferability to your big lifts. Getting jacked while being more functional? Win-win!

Unlike the goblet squat, the landmine variation changes the strength curve and actually turns the squat into more of a hip-dominant movement.

Our society is plagued by lower back problems, which isn't surprising given our daily postures. Extra work for the posterior chain is always a plus. This isn't a movement for the faint of heart either. The loading capability will challenge even the most seasoned meathead.

Build up to a heavy 8-10 rep set over the course of 5-6 sets.

If you're looking to change up your lunge variation, this is it. The landmine version affects the strength curve differently than a kettlebell or dumbbell pressed against the chest because of the biomechanics of the movement angle of the barbell. You'll be surprised be the increased level of balance required as well.

Try 3-4 higher-rep sets of 8-15 per leg.

The single-leg RDL is a challenging movement for just about anyone. It's often used as an assessment tool and, as you can imagine, the loading capacity is quite low with it.

But with the landmine variation, loading capacity is higher because the level of stability required is lower. Try 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps per leg.