Tip: 3 Mobility Drills for Chest & Shoulders

Do these drills before you press or pull to alleviate upper body tension and tightness, and prevent injury.

Most lifters spend two to three days of the week training their press and pull patterns. But most don't realize how tight and restricted their chests, shoulders, and even forearms become as a result.

These three simple drills are great for counteracting all the tension building up in your arms and upper body. They also serve as good movement prep exercises before you get into your overhead presses or bench presses.

Remember, injury is rarely caused by one sudden movement, but rather an accumulation of instances. These drills will allow your joints and tissues to stay healthy and hydrated to prevent any sudden injury.

Cristian Plascencia is a durability coach in Austin, TX. Cristian specializes in the quality of tissue health and teaching the nervous system how to move with purpose and awareness. He currently works with collegiate and professional athletes, as well as the general population, focusing specifically on mobility and movement techniques to increase longevity and optimize performance. Follow Cristian Plascencia on Facebook