Tip: 24 Reps To Bigger Biceps

Biceps looking deflated? Combine these two training methods to get them growing again.

  1. To get a better contraction in the biceps, use a fat grip attachment, or just wrap a towel around an EZ-curl bar or straight bar.
  2. Now use different ranges of motion within the same set, including partial reps:
  • 8 reps – full range of motion
  • 8 reps – half range of motion
  • 8 reps – partials only in the bottom portion of the curl
Amit Sapir was born in Israel but he was raised on T Nation. He's been a member since T Nation launched in 1998. Amit has gone from knowledge hungry teenager, to soldier, to qualifier for the 2004 Olympic Games in weightlifting, to IFBB pro bodybuilder. That's why we're glad to have him on the Biotest training team. He's the real deal. Follow Amit Sapir on Facebook