In Part I Dave talked about the differences between powerlifter and bodybuilder hypertrophy, exercise selection, and why powerlifters have the biggest calves on the planet without even training them directly!

Today, Dave discusses something called "the breakthrough factor," how he'd approach bodybuilding today, and a very intriguing training idea: the private warehouse gym. Let's get to it!

T-Nation: Dave, let's talk about something that affects everyone, regardless of their goals. You call it the "breakthrough factor." What is that?


T-Nation: Give us an example please.


T-Nation: Some people would call this "instinctive" training. 


T-Nation: Doesn't a person have to at least start out as a "program follower?" And how many years does this take to develop, this ability to break through?


T-Nation: You've talked about how you dabbled in bodybuilding back in college. If you were going to do it again, what would you do differently based on everything you've learned in the powerlifting world? In other words, if you knew then what you know now, what would change in your bodybuilding training?


I'd dump body part training until the last eight weeks.

I'd base all movement selection on CNS demands.

I'd use the ME and DE methods in the off-season.

In-season I'd up the ME reps and drop the DE for more intense RE work.

I'd do no more than four sets per movement on first exercises (the heavies with more warm-ups) and no more than two sets on all movements afterwards.

I'd cycle total volume in three week waves.

I'd cycle RE work for two to four weeks.

I'd cycle ME work for three weeks with reps at or over three.

I'd cycle DE work for five weeks.

I'd not be as strict on my diet in the off-season as I was before.

I'd establish mass building movements in the off-season and base all training around them.

T-Nation: Gotcha. Let's switch topics here and talk about training at home, especially the most essential piece of equipment for the garage gym: the rack.


T-Nation: What about hooks and safety catches? I know you've put a lot of thought into that.


T-Nation: And if you're going for a max effort, then you've just used up some of your energy to unrack the bar, correct?


T-Nation: I hear a lot of people on our forum talking about moving to the home gym option. Why are so many hardcore lifters dumping commercial gyms? 


T-Nation: Sounds like the ideal training environment! Thanks for the interview, Dave!

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